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Orlando Political Yearbook 2013 – State Rep. Joe Saunders

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State Representative Joe Saunders won “The Battle of UCF” last year to get his ticket stamped to Tallahassee but, in 2013, can the Activist turned lawmaker overcome the muscle memory involved with his old job to work across the aisle?

Video Transcript:

Florida Politics with Frank Torres. This is your 2013 Political Yearbook Profile on Representative Joe Saunders. Joe Saunders of course jumping into the race for the seat that would Represent to University of Central Florida, one of the biggest Universities in the country enrollment wise. He won the election obviously, to represent that district, and what a great district to Represent. He’s been given the keys to one of the most exciting districts in the state, one of the fastest growing districts in the state. 2012 was all about winning the election, the district was very friendly to him, UCF, full of younger voters that tend to vote Democrat.

2013 will be more about his transition to into the state house. Saunders has an activist background, most of the time that background had him opposing Republicans, the same Republicans that currently have the majority in the State House. How can Representative Saunders transfer the mindset of seeing a lot of these lawmakers as adversaries to seeing them as teammates? Are we going to see any bi-partisan work from Joe Saunders. Also, as far as job creation, his plans during the campaign were kind of vague, there weren’t really any specifics over how he was going to create jobs. Saunders isn’t a stranger to Tallahassee, it’s just a question of what kind of work he is going to do and how he is going to work with Republicans, if he works with them at all. Is he going to be a “no” lawmaker? That fails to participate in any meaningful legislation or are we going to see a new dimension to his political game. That’s really the question for 2013 concerning Joe Saunders. We’ll see about Job Creation, if he can do that, he’ll be off to a great start in his term. I’m Frank Torres, I’ll see you next time.

How will Saunders handle the transition from Activist to Legislator

How will Saunders handle the transition from Activist to Legislator

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