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Orlando Political Yearbook 2013 – Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer

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The Mayor of the City Beautiful had an epic 2012. He was re-elected, construction on Sunrail started, got a payday from the tourist tax and got to do this! Still, with Charlie Crist stealing his gubernatorial thunder, what will Buddy do?

Video Transcript:

Florida Politics with Frank Torres and this is your 2013 Political Yearbook Profile on Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer. Buddy Dyer had a huge 2012, winning re-election, beating a trio of opponents. A lot going on in the City Beautiful right now, you’ve got Sunrail coming, construction on the Performing Arts Center, and renovations to the Citrus Bowl. A lot going on right now with Mayor Buddy Dyer right in the center. So, a very positive 2012 for the Mayor.

Some negatives. The negatives didn’t have so much to do with the work Buddy is doing now but, rather with the kind of work he might be doing in the future. That would be addressing rumors that he might run against Rick Scott for Governor in 2014. Well, Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist jumped on to the scene and took some of Buddy’s thunder away. They were both on the campaign trail with President Obama during his re-election campaign, and Crist in early polling is miles ahead of the Orlando Mayor. So, that would be the one negative for Buddy Dyer, that would be Crist officially becoming a Democrat and weakening Dyer’s chance of someday becoming Florida’s Governor. But hey, here and now the kind of work he is doing, it’s all good for Buddy Dyer.

In 2013, he’s going to try and finish some of these projects, money is always a problem, he did take a risk with Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs on the tourist tax that paid off. That means more money to finish these kind of projects. Orlando’s economy has slowly been getting back on track. That tourist revenue makes things a lot easier. And it’s going to be all about projects and perhaps running for Governor in 2013 for our Mayor. I’m Frank Torres, I’ll see you next time.

Did Crist alter Dyer's future plans?

Did Crist alter Dyer’s future plans?

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