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Should Charlie Crist endorse in FDP Tant vs. Clenendin contest?

In Uncategorized on January 16, 2013 at 1:23 am

The race for Florida Democratic Party Chair between fundraiser Allison Tant and Activist Alan Clendenin kicked up another notch today, when our own Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer threw his support behind Tant.

Dyer joins another key Democratic lawmakers in supporting Tant. Senator Bill Nelson and DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wassermann Schultz have already endorsed the candidate considered the “establishment” favorite out of the two candidates.

Former CFO and Gubernatorial Candidate Alex Sink is the biggest name in Clenedin’s camp along with several other political organizations.

The Governor angle is the intriguing twist in this race. Sink who is considering a second run at Rick Scott in 2014 sided against Tant who is known to be friendly with the biggest potential Scott opponent, who’s been silent up to this point.

Former Republican Governor turned, Independent Senatorial candidate, turned personal injury attorney, turned Democrat less than a month ago Charlie Crist.

It’s easy to tease but Crist, in early polling is the heavy favorite against Rick Scott and has a significant leads over Sink and Dyer (who is also considering a run).

FDP is coming off of a successful year that saw Florida stay blue for Obama and have declared taking back the Governor’s mansion as their #1 priority in 2014. If successful the Democratic Governor would become the symbolic leader of the party just like Scott did in 2010 after coming out of no where to beat Conservative favorite Bill McCullom.

Shouldn’t the candidate with the best chance for victory make his voice heard? Should Charlie Crist endorse in the Florida Democratic Party Chairperson contest? His campaign would be working loosely with the party. If he wins, his face goes at the top of the victory flyers.

Even if it would be his 3rd political party in as many cycles.

The contest deserves the input of the politician who could be it’s biggest champion in two years. And you know he would love the publicity.

He's been in the party less than a month but already carries a lot of weight

He’s been in the party less than a month but already carries a lot of weight

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