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Polling shows Allen West up in Guv primary vs. Rick Scott. Would he do it?

In Uncategorized on January 17, 2013 at 12:18 am

The latest PPP poll shows Rick Scott is down not only in approval ratings but, in general election showdowns against Charlie Crist and Alex Sink.

Big deal? Of course not. Scott’s numbers have been terrible and it makes Republicans all over the state nervous.

The big deal is one of the hypothetical match-ups thrown out their by the pollsters. It’s a primary and we’ve heard before that the majority of Republican voters wouldn’t mind seeing the Governor negotiate the Conservative Obstacle Course again. We’ve talked about potential match-ups before on this blog.

The kicker about this potential showdown is that Scott’s opponent has actually negotiated an obstacle course.

I’m talking about former Congressman, Tea Party favorite, and Army Colonel Allen West.

West was defeated in November, by his young Democratic nemesis Patrick Murphy in a close race that got national attention. West has since accepted a media job to keep his political reflexes sharp while he examines whats next.

Would Allen West do it? He’s a proven fundraiser. He’s not on the same planet with Scott when it comes to money, but enough to get the fire started. In 2011, no member of Congress was on television more. He’s a straight talker and in a mid-term would get the Tea Party excited.

His rhetoric is among the most brutal in American politics. Sometimes too brutal. He called the majority of his Democratic colleagues in Congress Communists last year. I’ve served with officers like Allen West. Men like him set an objective, expect it to get done and makes no apologies about it. He does it with a completely leveled tone and demeanor. It’s not radical for him, because it’s part of the mission and he’s at the top of the chain of command.

If he were to run, it would be because it what he believes it’s whats best for Conservatives in the Sunshine State, and he’s on the short list of Republicans that is actually more Conservative than Governor Scott.

Scott running towards the center? That alone would be worth the price of admission.

Still, questions over how West would do in a general election against the Democratic nominee would come up. He’s hardly a magnet for moderates and his potential opponent for a general election Charlie Crist has a %70 percent favorable rating among D’s and %20 among R’s (who are you people?).

West vs Crist for the Governor’s Mansion in 2014?! As improbable as it is, how much fun would that be?!

West beats Rick Scott in the imaginary primary

West beats Rick Scott in the imaginary primary

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