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2016 Preview? Rubio, Clinton Fence during Benghazi Hearings

In Uncategorized on January 24, 2013 at 2:38 pm

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton gave her long awaited testimony of the attack on the Benghazi compound that took the lives of 4 Americans including Ambassador Chris Stevens in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday.

The hearing was long, contentious, and at times emotional. The Secretary of State was receiving praise for her service one minute and addressing accusations of incompetence the next. Clinton will not stay on as Secretary of State for President Obama’s second term. Senator John Kerry is expected to take over after he is confirmed.

What had many Politicos talking and what should be a point of interest for Floridians was the brief exchange between Clinton and Florida Senator Marco Rubio. They engaged each other during questioning yesterday.

Both are 2016 Presidential favorites for their respective parties. Was this a preview of things to come? If it was, it’s reason for excitement. Both potential Presidential hopefuls are top flight speakers under pressure and Rubio’s involvement puts Florida in the national spotlight once again.

The Senator echoed his colleagues by thanking Clinton for her service and wishing her well then, he led off with questioning over the matters discussed during meetings regarding the security conditions abroad and asked for details over solutions discussed. Increased security at locations came up, Clinton replied that domestic forces had the willingness to help but not the capacity. Rubio asked for more details which Clinton didn’t have and in a tense closing, the Secretary of State promised to send the details to Rubio later.

Neither flinched. Rubio could have been more aggressive like his edgier colleagues such as Rand Paul and Ron Johnson from Wisconsin but it would have done more damage than good and made it look like he was just out to “get” Clinton.

This is the Presidential match-up you want to see but, the road to making it a reality isn’t an easy one.

There is the matter of Hilary Clinton’s health which has hospitalized her over the previous weeks. First was the fall she took when she passed out due to dehydration and then there was the blood clot which delayed this testimony several weeks. She would be in her late 60’s if she wanted to run for President again.

Rubio’s path isn’t an easy one either. The GOP’s deep bench of possible candidates to run in 2016 is long. The “deep bench” includes Rubio, New Jersey Guv Chris Christe, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnel, New Mexico Governor Susanna Martinez, and Wisconsin Rep. and Romney runningmate Paul Ryan.

So, a Clinton/Rubio showdown isn’t inevitable but if yesterday’s brief back and forth was an indication of “what could be” it should get both parties excited.

Was yesterday a preview of what we'll see in 2016

Was yesterday a preview of what we’ll see in 2016

  1. He just asked her questions after first complimenting her “hard work”
    No TENSE exchange at all. A mewling performance by Rubio. Rand Paul did the best job of pointing out she was incompetent and should have been fired.

    Rubio is nothing but a big government Neocon. I won’t vote for him if he runs

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