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Water aside, Rubio Delivered with Republican Response

In Uncategorized on February 13, 2013 at 5:42 pm

Alright, first things first. Last night when Florida Senator Marco Rubio gave the Republican response following President Barack Obama‘s State of the Union Address, he got a little thirsty.

What’s an elected official going to do? He’s gonna get a drink of water. He’s human, he had just taped a Spanish version of the response a minute earlier. It happens.

Still, in the Twitter blasting, Facebook fueled, Meme generating society we live in, this was the story last night. A human being consuming a fluid which makes up a large majority of our bodies.

We do plenty of television in this business and you know that you’re not suppose to touch your face or take a drink when talking to a television audience. In this case he couldn’t help it and even though he’s tried his best to stay out in front of this story, he’s going to catch a lot of static for it.

That’s unfortunate because if it wasn’t for that moment of vulnerability, we’d be talking about how he made a real connection with the middle class and made some of the President’s talking points look uninformed.

We’d be talking about how he created some space between the affluent stereotypes linked to the Republican party, how he reminded the country of where he’s from and that everyone in the GOP is not wealthy, and does value important entitlement programs. We’d also be talking about how he made the opening arguments to support the bi-partisan immigration plan, or a respectful call to protect the 2nd amendment.

He delivered and did a great job doing it.

This isn’t going to do any serious damage to the GOP favorite. They’ll be some jokes on late night TV, maybe an SNL skit, and constant reminders from his “haters” but, the future is still bright for the Junior Senator from Florida.

It was a missed opportunity for a national audience to really see why GOP believes in him so much, and who knows when he’ll get another chance.

Rubio had a little fun with his flub last night after the Response

Rubio had a little fun with his flub last night after the Response

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