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National Journal Rankings Mica and Posey Most Conservative in Central Florida, Nelson Middle of Dem Pack

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Every year the National Journal Releases their most Conservative/Liberal Rankings of all of the members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives. Most of the time the behaivior you see in the media pretty much syncs with the Journal’s rankings but when you see them scored side by side there are a few surprises. Let’s break it down by member of the 2012 Congress.

Rep. Sandy Adams 88th Most Conservative in the House with a score of 79.5: She never missed during her term before being defeated by fellow Rep. John Mica in their redistricting showdown. 88th is a fine ranking but Mica actually scored slightly higher. This could have been because Adams voted “no” on proposals that weren’t Conservative enough. Higher than? Allen West Ranked 110th Scored 74.7. Wow. In fact all of our local Reps. scored higher than the Tea Party favorite.

Corrine Brown 92nd Most Liberal in the House with a score of 79: The longtime Rep of the third district easily won re-election last year. Nancy Pelosi? 79.2 coming in at 90th. Brown votes with her leader.

John Mica 82nd Most Conservative in the House with a score of 79.8. Tied with Fellow Rep. Bill Posey who also scored 79.8: The Winter Park Republican and fellow local Congressman Bill Posey will have to share the title of the “Most Conservative Congressman” in the Area. Compared with Paul Ryan? The Wisconsin House Rep and former Romney Running mate is 127th with a score of 71.3 but he was on a Presidential ticket.

Daniel Webster the Most Liberal Republican in Central Florida? Scores 75: This isn’t knock on Webster’s Conservative Cred. Locals know better. It’s just hard to believe that this Winter Garden Grandpa is the Tea Party Radical that the DCCC and other targeting his seat in 2014, want us to believe. Compared with someone like Michelle Bachmann? She scored an 80 coming at 80.

Your Senators:

Bill Nelson is 28th Most Liberal in Senate with a 75.3: His Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid scored an 87.5. and one of the President’s biggest allies Chuck Schumer from NY scored a 79.2. Nelson’s score leans firmly left but he gets just enough leverage to call himself a moderate…barely.

Marco Rubio is 17th Most Conservative in Senate with a Score of 82.8: John McCain? 73.2. Lindsey Graham? 71.5. 28th and 33rd respectively. Rubio is not only emerging as a leader within this group of Republican leaders but can say his record is more conservative than theirs. His recent “Frenemy” and SOTU night fellow speaker? Rand Paul from Kentucky is 6th with a score of 90.8. There is a quick 2016 GOP Primary Snapshot.

These rankings are fascinating and are sometimes badges of honor or marks of embarrassment. We’ll see if these rankings effect any of our officials behavior.

Both Mica and Posey rank high in the latest rankings

Both Mica and Posey rank high in the latest rankings

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