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Rubio Played Right Role in Rand Filibuster

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Yesterday, in Washington D.C there was a good ole’ filibuster by Kentucky Senator and Tea Party Firebrand Rand Paul.

The filibuster protesting the nomination of John Brennan as CIA Director lasted about 13 hours and was well received by Republicans across the nation. The hashtag #istandwithrand is still trending on Twitter right now. Paul’s major point was the use of Drone strikes by the Government and authorized killing of Americans by those drones. The Junior Senator from the Bluegrass state was asking for transparency on the issue from the Obama administration.

Conservatives pundits were keeping an eye on who was doing their part to support Paul on a controversial issue that even drew one Democrat to the floor to help out in this Old School style of legislating.

Florida Senator and fellow 2016 GOP hopeful Marco Rubio was there and the role he played during the filibuster was the one he exactly needed to play.

Rubio made a couple of appearances during Paul’s marathon that stretched into the late evening, using humor to keep the energy from escaping the room and leaving no question that he was an ally to Paul during an event where many hardcore Republican voters were keeping score.

Senator Rubio offered friendly advice like keeping a drink of water near by, making light of his flub during the Republican State of the Union response, that had him reaching for a drink on camera, and quoting the Rapper Wiz Kalifa and “The Godfather”. He kept it simple and friendly.

He was present but not there to steal the spotlight. This was Paul’s event and Rubio was there to support him. Nothing more. Nothing less.

These two disagree often. Where many mainstream Republicans see room for hope on the issues, Rand Paul sees nothing resembling acceptable conditions on issues such as, the economy, immigration, and national defense.

There is a real possibility these two could be staring across a debate stage at each other a few years from now, and both lawmakers and gifted orators, will produce some great discussions on the road to the nomination.

Last night they were on the same page and both came out looking like winners.

Potential 2016 Foes were Allies during the filibuster last night

Potential 2016 Foes were Allies during the filibuster last night

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