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Rick Scott won’t replace Jennifer Carroll until after session, supports her decision

In Uncategorized on March 13, 2013 at 11:49 pm

Here is the video analysis on the resignation of Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll. She resigned earlier today because of her connections with an internet cafe organization that is being investigated for racketeering.


Florida Politics with Frank Torres. This is Wednesday, March 14th 2013. Big day in Florida Politics. Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll resigning from office because of ties she had with a company called Allied Veterans of the World, several years back. This company has had several arrests of because of racketeering charges. What this company does, you might have seen them in shopping centers, they offer internet access to everyone but at the heart of this operation is this large gambling sweepstakes. This was suppose to be a non-profit that was suppose to give the profits of this operation to veterans’ charities, instead they funneled the money using complicated software in to for-profit companies. And only ended up giving up 2% of profits out of a multi-million dollar operation, or in this case a scam, that resulted in those charities being short changed. Carroll has done work with those companies in the past and has decided to step aside.

Florida Governor Rick Scott held a press conference and said he will not name a replacement until after the legislative session. Which is still some time away, this could not come at a worse time for Florida Governor Rick Scott, low approval numbers, Charlie Crist floating the idea of going after his job, out there. The Governor was actually in Orlando on a media blitz hitting every microphone in the area, this resignation has thrown all of that positive progress out the window. He is going to try and steer it back to his message, over the next few weeks but this is big news. This will certainly hurt any of the highlights of what he’s been able to do in office so far. He’s essentially running for re-election already. As far as a potential running mate he didn’t address any of that, some of the popular names in the conversation like Florida Speaker of the House Will Weatherford and Attorney General Pam Bondi, have said they’re not interested and why should they be? Who would want to tie their wagon on to Rick Scott at this point?

You know, Jennifer Carroll when she came aboard the campaign in 2010, she filled that charisma gap on the ticket, that Governor Scott could not fill, not only did she add diversity but a very hard campaigner and a gifted public speaker.

Where do we go now? This story has gotten national attention, getting picked up by sites like Politico, and how far do the connections going to be involved with her and this company which has already seen indictments in the 50’s. So a very big day in Florida Politics for all of the wrong reasons. Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll resigning. I’m Frank Torres, I’ll see you next time.

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