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Scott tries to get back on track with “It’s Working” Vid

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– Low approval numbers including hypothetical double digit deficits to Charlie Crist in polling
– Can’t win back educators and critics after returning money to budget and pushing for teacher raises
– His “Number 2” resigned last week after connections to a criminal ring robbing Veterans

This is the lowest point in Florida Governor Rick Scott‘s time in office and he’s got to change the subject. This is how he’s going to do it.

This is your daily wrap up.

Transcript of Video:

Florida Politics with Frank Torres. This is your daily wrap-up for Tuesday March 19th, 2013. Your big story today is a video released by Florida Governor Rick Scott. Scott having a rough start to the year. First, with former Governor Charlie Crist officially changing party affiliation to be a Democrat and asking questions about his old job. Second his change of position in Education with the Governor returning budget money he took from his first two years in office and with his proposals to give teachers a bonus has played as insincere. Finally, there was the resignation of Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll. He’s put off naming a replacement, I think that is a mistake, leaving a gap that big in his administration, I don’t know why he would want to wait until after session perhaps, his preferred choice is working in the legislature. So he released this campaign video which is trying to relay what the Governor has been trying to shout above all of the political noise. Let’s take a look.

(Its working video)

It’s working. I’m not crazy about that catch phrase. “Let’s get to work” was perhaps the most likeable part of the the Scott campaign and really related to what the voters wanted. Let’s get to work for 2014, is it working? Well, it’s debatable. Expect more of this kind of media as a delivery system for Rick Scott to say what he has to say without follow up questions. Scott stayed away from the media during his first run sorta went into this shell. We’ll see if that continues. We’ll see where it goes. You look at all of that talent up there in Tally right now. Your Adam Putnam’s your Atwaters, you really don’t want to see Scott go through a primary but you’ve got to wonder what you would do to keep the Governor’s mansion on your side. We’ll see how it goes, there will be more speculation and rumors over Jennifer Carroll’s resignation. I’m Frank Torres, I’ll see you next time.

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