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Rubio hits all the Sunday Talkers, Geraldine Thompson slammed for siding with GOP on Anti-Shariah Law vote

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If you’re a fan of Senator Marco Rubio (and if you’re Republican in Florida, you probably are) then you’re going to go into GOP/Rap dialogue overload.

Rubio will hit Meet the Press, Face the Nation, This Week, Fox News Sunday, State of the Union, Al Punto on Univision, and the program on Telemundo, to talk of a possible deal in Immigration with the Bi-partisan gang of 8 next week.

Earlier this week, Rubio had dinner at the White House with President Obama, and other GOP Senators, while it was a mostly cordial affair with very little negotiating involved, it could be a sign of progress in one of the biggest issues of the year.

You can expect a lot of what you’ve already heard from Rubio tomorrow with a slightly more optimistic tone concerning a sweeping plan for reform involving one of the biggest issues of the year.

You can also expect Rubio to be fielding questions about his Presidential aspirations for 2016 on every program. The big topic last Sunday was Hilary Clinton slowly wading into campaigning for a possible run.

Earlier this week, in a story that broke just after I taped the FPFT, it was discovered that State Senator Geraldine Thompson might have been involved in some shady deal making in Tallahassee. Thompson voted “Yes” for a law that prevents international law, like Shariah law from invading the state’s court system.

The bill was sponsored by fellow State Senator Alan Hays. Hays made some nasty comments about Hispanic voters a while back, that got him in trouble with everyone including his fellow Republicans. This legislation is continuing that bizarre behavior against international interests.

In committee, Thompson was the tie-breaker and kept the bill alive. It was discovered a short time later that a $150,000 earmark was inserted into the budget for her district. You can read details in the Orlando Sentinel blog post.

The whole political scenario feels like a set-up but there is one “out” for Thompson.

This isn’t the first time she’s voted against a bill like this one.

On the campaign trail and during an interview with the Sentinel Op-Ed board, Thompson mentioned that she filed legislation to prevent mutilation of young women, like the brutal behavior you see in certain regions of Africa. It’s even on her website.

So, there is history between her and this kind of legislation and she should have brought that up.

Still, very odd behavior from a Senator who is normally one of the more sensible lawmakers in the area.

Rubio will be on every Sunday political talk show tomorrow

Rubio will be on every Sunday political talk show tomorrow

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