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To provide insightful analysis and entertaining commentary that brings everyone into the political conversation. To engage Democrats,Republicans and Independents, Seniors and younger voters, from every culture and walk of life. To work with Television, Radio, and Print media on every level, from all over the world, and help them tell the great stories, that get people “off of the couch” and involved in the political process.

Florida Politics with Frank Torres is a light take on Florida current events and politics. Living in Orlando, I write about events, candidates and races from the biggest political battleground in the country, the I4 corridor.

Frank Torres- Political Analyst, Publicist, Speech and Humor Writer

I’m a Freelance Television Analyst, that has also been featured in newspapers and other printed publications. I try present a common sense argument, that all parties can agree with. Let’s try to understand each other, not take ourselves too seriously and have a little fun.

I’m also an 8 year United States Army Veteran (HR Specialist). My service took me to Korea, Europe and gave me the opportunity to study at the University of Maryland. I’ve been a state licensed Private Investigator, small business owner, and actor. Currently, I’m a the owner of Frank Torres Strategies.
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Central Florida News 13 Political Analyst for the 2012 election cycle.

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