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Local Lawmakers react to Boston Marathon Explosions

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Earlier this afternoon, there were two explosions at the conclusion of the Boston Marathon. These explosions left 3 dead and dozens more injured.

The specifics and origins of the blasts are still being investigated. President Barack Obama addressed the nation a few moments ago saying “those responsible will feel the full weight of justice” and assured Americans that the Boston and Massachusetts officials will have the full resources from the government at their disposal.

Here are some of our own elected officials here in Florida reacting to the news.

Florida Governor Rick Scott sent out this tweet:

Boston marathon rick scott

Florida Senator Marco Rubio on Facebook:

Boston Marathon Marco Rubio

Congressman John Mica FL-7 on Facebook:

Boston Marathon John Mica

Congressman Ron Desantis FL-6 on Twitter:

Boston Marathon Ron Desantis

Congresswoman Corrine Brown Fl-5 on Twitter:

boston marathon corrine brown

Congressman Daniel Webster Fl-10 on Twitter:

Boston Marathon Dan Webster

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer on Facebook:

Boston Marathon Buddy Dyer

Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs on Facebook:

Boston Marathon Teresa Jacobs

Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam:

boston marathon Adam Putnam

Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings also advised the public to call if anything suspicious surfaces, during his press conference held earlier in the afternoon.

Boston you are in our prayers

OC Mayor 2014 Rumors, Hilary Clinton and Charlie Crist enjoy lead in Polls – WIR

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Your “March Madness” Week in Review features rumors about former Orlando Police Chief and Congressional Candidate Val Demings taking on Teresa Jacobs for Orange County Mayor next year, and possibly State Representative Stephen Precourt jumping into the fray as well.

We’ve also got poll numbers that give former Governor Charlie Crist a double digit lead over his successor Rick Scott and even 2016 data that shows former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton beating Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, right here in Florida.

This is your Week in Review:

Video Transcript:

Florida Politics with Frank Torres and this is your March Madness “Week In Review”. My bracket is already a mess, I’d like to thank Georgetown and Wisconsin for “phoning it in” this year and destroying my chances of scoring in those regions.

Anyways, a lot of politics this week, let’s get started. The week started with rumors of former Orlando Police Chief Val Demings taking on Teresa Jacobs in for Orange County Mayor next year. Demings of course lost to Daniel Webster last November, with President Obama on the ballot and with a significant fundraising advantage. She lost to him last November but there is also a rumor that she might go after him again. But, these are new rumors with these two possibly meeting in 2014, Jacobs said she had spoke to her about a run and her response was uncertain, she was running for Congress at the time, her opinions must have changed and she’s got to find a race to run in. Neither of those choices sound very good with Webster’s district leaning Republican and his probable turnout in the mid term and that would also come into play for Orange County Mayor. There are also a lot of questions of Val Demings having the infrastructure to run a county wide campaign with the organizations that had helped her in the past concerned about the national races. But she’s got to do something.

A bizarre twist. Representative Stephen Precourt criticizing Teresa Jacobs, by saying there was a leadership crisis in Orange County, input from Precourt, he says he’s been getting urged to run, I haven’t heard anything about that, I know he’s also termed out. So, he’ll need a race to run in the future. You know, it’s interesting that he would go after jacobs like that. He’s been a supporter of her’s in the past and I actually saw this footage of Precourt talking to Channel 6’s Lauren Rowe on her show “Flashpoint” here take a look.

Precourt “Flashpoint” Footage.

Yeah, so Precourt’s opinion of her must have changed. He’s got a positive reputation and is well liked there might be some support out there for him. Very bizarre but we’ll keep an eye on that moving forward.

Poll numbers coming out this week that put Governor Rick Scott in a double digit deficit against Florida Governor Charlie Crist. The former Republican, turned Independent, turned Democrat enjoying a big lead in polling. You know, I’ve called this the darkest point in the Scott administration with the resignation of Jennifer Carroll, his low approval numbers, and his education policy changes being poorly received. The real question is what is Rick Scott going to do about it? He’s going to have a large financial advantage going in, maybe not as large as the one he ad against Alex Sink in 2010 but a large one. Who also by the way has a lead on him in polling. But what is he going to do to change the mind of the voters? He released that “It’s Working” video but that video was also not well recieved and you wonder if anyone even saw it. We’ll keep an eye on those poll numbers going forward.

Jump ahead to 2016 where former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton enjoys a lead right here in Florida against Jeb Bush and Senator Marco Rubio. That shouldn’t come as any surprise and I’ll tell you why. The state has been trending blue, President Obama has one it during the last two elections and the GOP hasn’t been able to roll with the Demographics and get the Hispanic voters.

So a very busy week with Politicians gearing up for 2014. We’ll keep any eye on everything as we move forward and I’ll see you next time.

Val Demings vs. Teresa Jacobs .. vs. Stephen Precourt in 2014 for OC Mayor? and the RNC Autopsy

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If you’re a fan of rumors and speculation involving local politics, then this article in the Orlando Sentinel was a welcome surprise for what is usually a slow Monday. We’ve all know for sometime that former Orlando Police Chief Val Demings was looking at another run and that she could set her sites on Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs next year. We haven’t know that popular State Rep. Stephen Precourt has been urged to run too and unloaded a few shots at Jacobs as well. How hostile can it get this early?

We’ve also got the RNC autopsy from Reince Priebus. Where do our GOP lawmakers stand.

This is your Daily Wrap Up!

Video Transcript:

Florida Politics with Frank Torres and this is your Daily Wrap for Monday March 18th, 2013. Let’s look at the big story in the Orlando Sentinel this morning that said that Val Demings was a considering a run at Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs for Orange County Mayor in 2014. A lot of layers to this, let’s look at Val Demings, She ran against Daniel Webster last November for Congress and lost in that Republican heavy district with President Obama on the ballot and a decisive money advantage. Couldn’t come up with the grassroots support needed to counter Daniel Webster’s efforts on the ground and ultimately lost that race.

She’s got two choices. She can run against Daniel Webster again without President Obama on the ballot, the DCCC is still attacking Daniel Webster on a weekly basis, trying to pick apart what he’s been doing in Washington this year but she would still be an underdog going into a congressional race, even with the money being there.

She could run against Teresa Jacobs for Orange County Mayor. She won’t be able to match policy wits against Teresa Jacobs, it’s true that Demings is more at home with municipal issues but Jacobs has 12 years of experience with County Policy.

So, you look at her options, neither look very good, but she’s got to do something. If you look at what she would face against Teresa Jacobs in 2014, it would be a mid-term, she’d have to find the money, and raise the grassroots, running a campaign in Orange County is no easy task, it’s huge. You have to wonder if she’s got the infrastructure there to stay competitive.

Jacobs has been underfire recently for “Textgate” or the text messages exchange about the Orange County Sick time initiative. She was targeted by activists, but this isn’t about Sick Time, you can’t think that, this is about flipping seats. Those activists will be able to give Val Demings a push should she decide to run against her. But the policy knowledge isn’t there, she debated Daniel Webster once and didn’t do well, she would have to debate Teresa Jacobs at least 4 times if you look at the debate schedule from 2010. She is a strong candidate with a good background so it’s only a matter of time before she picks her next race.

Out of nowhere, State Representative Stephen Precourt taking some shots at Teresa Jacobs in the media saying there is a leadership crisis in Orange County and that he’s been urged to run. Precourt a pretty reasonable guy, one of the sharper Reps in the area and well spoken but, you’ve got to wonder where this is coming from. He says he’s being urged to run. Who’s urging him? Friends and family? The political community hasn’t been urging him because from the Republican side the two biggest priorities for 2014 is getting Rick Scott elected (which is a task in itself) and reinforcing it’s incumbents. He’s termed out so, he’ll have time to figure out what he wants to do next but really bizarre behavior from Stephen Precourt from what I’ve seen so far. I know some of his buddies tried to throw her off the Expressway Board sometime back.

So, if you look at Jacobs’ role in all of this. She’s going to be attacked for being too lax on the rules from Val Demings in “Textgate” and she’s going to be attacked for being too strict with regulations from Precourt, you just can’t win if you’re the Orange County Mayor.

A very intriguing story it looks like a lot of people are already gearing up for next year, it looks like it’s going to be exciting. 2010 had some interesting personalities and made for a good race and with the potentials already kicking the tires on a potential run, it could be even bigger in 2014.

Other news today, The RNC releasing what is being called “The Autopsy” put out by Chairman Reince Priebus, illustrating the talking points over what went wrong with the Republican party last November. Most of it is stuff we already know. More technology, more outreach or inclusion of minority voters. What I’m interested in is how the local politicians will react. You’ve got John Mica and Daniel Webster who were re-elected and you’ve also got Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush who are already moving in the new direction. You’ve got to wonder what these lawmakers in the state will do. Will they stick with old script? Or the new one?

Big day. Buzz over who’s running for what and national reports being published. We’ll keep an eye on it for you. For now, I’m Frank Torres and I’ll see you next time.

National Journal Rankings Mica and Posey Most Conservative in Central Florida, Nelson Middle of Dem Pack

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Every year the National Journal Releases their most Conservative/Liberal Rankings of all of the members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives. Most of the time the behaivior you see in the media pretty much syncs with the Journal’s rankings but when you see them scored side by side there are a few surprises. Let’s break it down by member of the 2012 Congress.

Rep. Sandy Adams 88th Most Conservative in the House with a score of 79.5: She never missed during her term before being defeated by fellow Rep. John Mica in their redistricting showdown. 88th is a fine ranking but Mica actually scored slightly higher. This could have been because Adams voted “no” on proposals that weren’t Conservative enough. Higher than? Allen West Ranked 110th Scored 74.7. Wow. In fact all of our local Reps. scored higher than the Tea Party favorite.

Corrine Brown 92nd Most Liberal in the House with a score of 79: The longtime Rep of the third district easily won re-election last year. Nancy Pelosi? 79.2 coming in at 90th. Brown votes with her leader.

John Mica 82nd Most Conservative in the House with a score of 79.8. Tied with Fellow Rep. Bill Posey who also scored 79.8: The Winter Park Republican and fellow local Congressman Bill Posey will have to share the title of the “Most Conservative Congressman” in the Area. Compared with Paul Ryan? The Wisconsin House Rep and former Romney Running mate is 127th with a score of 71.3 but he was on a Presidential ticket.

Daniel Webster the Most Liberal Republican in Central Florida? Scores 75: This isn’t knock on Webster’s Conservative Cred. Locals know better. It’s just hard to believe that this Winter Garden Grandpa is the Tea Party Radical that the DCCC and other targeting his seat in 2014, want us to believe. Compared with someone like Michelle Bachmann? She scored an 80 coming at 80.

Your Senators:

Bill Nelson is 28th Most Liberal in Senate with a 75.3: His Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid scored an 87.5. and one of the President’s biggest allies Chuck Schumer from NY scored a 79.2. Nelson’s score leans firmly left but he gets just enough leverage to call himself a moderate…barely.

Marco Rubio is 17th Most Conservative in Senate with a Score of 82.8: John McCain? 73.2. Lindsey Graham? 71.5. 28th and 33rd respectively. Rubio is not only emerging as a leader within this group of Republican leaders but can say his record is more conservative than theirs. His recent “Frenemy” and SOTU night fellow speaker? Rand Paul from Kentucky is 6th with a score of 90.8. There is a quick 2016 GOP Primary Snapshot.

These rankings are fascinating and are sometimes badges of honor or marks of embarrassment. We’ll see if these rankings effect any of our officials behavior.

Both Mica and Posey rank high in the latest rankings

Both Mica and Posey rank high in the latest rankings

Tant wins FDP Chair Election, Faces Big Challenges

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Yesterday, in Lake Mary Florida, Fundraiser Allison Tant was elected as the new Chairperson of the Florida Democratic Party, succeeding Rod Smith as the leader of the party that’s riding high after a successful November that saw Florida stay blue for President Barack Obama.

Tant beat Grassroots Activists Alan Clenendin (who was elected Vice-Chair) and the two in a symbol of unity after a bitter fight, vowed to defeat the GOP in the 2014 elections.

That’s going to be easier said than done. Much easier said than done.

The fact is that FDP hasn’t been a major part of the winning equation for Democrats in the state for some time. Democrats in General haven’t seen success at the polls without President Obama on the ballot in years. Even in 2006, when Nancy Pelosi took the gavel in the House of Representatives, the Central Florida Congressional Delegation remained bright red. Don’t even get me started on 2010.

If Democrats don’t want to lose their November gains, they’d better get to work. Tant faces huge challenges. Let’s break it down.

Recruiting: The State GOP has candidates lined up for the next two election cycles, from municipal races, to State and federals contests. Democrats have problems finding credible candidates for Congress. In Congressional Districts 6 and 7 you had defeated candidates from 2010 running, and once again lost. Val Demings was a good candidate on paper but couldn’t beat Daniel Webster on the ground in District 10 (with Obama on the ballot), Alan Grayson had to throw money into the GOP primary to avoid a match-up he didn’t want, while running in a district he doesn’t live in. Their biggest hope in the 2014 Governor Race? Former Republican Governor Charlie Crist.

Fundraising: Tant is a fundraiser, she should be able to share trade secrets and help out operations all over the state. Especially, here in Orlando where the biggest fundraiser runs a Personal Injury mega-firm that also donates to Republicans.

Governor Rick Scott: Didn’t you hear? He’s a moderate now. Okay, maybe not but he’s moving to the center and has two years to make nice with an electorate, that’s never warmed up to him, since they took a chance and narrowly elected him in 2010. They mentioned that he spent 70 million that year to get elected, yesterday at the FDP meeting. Wrong. Try 75 million.

Turnout in Mid-Terms: Democrats don’t turnout for mid-terms. Tant could conceivably watch all of the 2012 gains disappear on her watch. Including those big plus numbers in the state house. Don’t believe me? Ask Rod Smith’s predecessor Karen Thurman about mid-term turnout. She resigned after 2010.

This isn’t an easy job. That’s why Rod Smith said the only reason he took it is because no one wanted it. Tant has the opportunity to change the culture of the Florida Democratic Party on her watch, but it’s going to be an uphill climb.

Tant has a challenge ahead leading FDP

Tant has a challenge ahead leading FDP

Orlando Political Yearbook 2013 – Congressman Alan Grayson.

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Alan Grayson is back and, not even two weeks into his first session after being defeated in 2010 and winning a trip back to Washington in November, he’s already lobbing bombs at the other side calling those across the aisle “Bath Salt Republicans” referring to the Zombie attack in Miami last year. What more can we expect from this controversial lawmaker this year?

Video Transcript:

Florida Politics with Frank Torres. This is your 2013 Political Yearbook profile for Representative Alan Grayson. Grayson in 2012 of course was able to be elected, and win the privilege to be sent back up to Washington after losing in 2010 to serve again. Grayson needs no introduction, the most controversial lawmaker in the region, potentially in 2013, the most controversial in all of Congress. The man has very little desire to work with Republicans, and he’ll use every name in the book to label his fellow lawmakers who he sees as opponents, as adversaries because they don’t see eye to eye. In 2012 he was able to get elected he even through money into the GOP primary to buy himself the most favorable match-up and it worked.

So, what kind of Alan Grayson are we going to see in 2013. Are we going to see that political brawler who picks fights across the aisle whenever possible? The lawmaker from 2008 to 2010? Or are we going to see, a more rational Alan Grayson who tries more bi-partisan, rational lawmaker who tries to.. (scoffs) no we’re not going to see that Alan Grayson will continue to forward his brand on congressional politics that burns more bridges, than builds them. That is your political profile on Alan Grayson for 2013. I’ll see you next time.

You can expect even more attacking this time around from Grayson

You can expect even more attacking this time around from Grayson

Orlando Political Yearbook 2013 – Congressman Daniel Webster

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Representative Daniel Webster hasn’t stopped moving since winning re-election last November. He’s had to deal with random DCCC attacks in addition to dealing with the fiscal cliff, the oncoming debt ceiling debate and constituent services. No rest for the long time lawmaker.

Video Transcript:

Florida Politics with Frank Torres. And, this is your Political Yearbook preview for Congressman Daniel Webster. Webster had a good 2012 being able to win re-election to Congress against strong opposition despite, being targeted by the DCCC and Mayor Mike Bloomberg of New York who poured millions into that race. He did however, run a strong ground game to win re-election.

What does 2013 hold in store for Daniel Webster, obviously he’s going to have to tackle the national debt, but he should try to use that bi-partisan statesmanship we saw in Tallahassee, I know that’s difficult to do in that bigger environment but those kind of initiatives that we saw from the much respected State Representative is what we need to be spread around up there. Tough challenge but one that is possible.

He’s also got to worry about the DCCC. It’s funny, after he beat his opponent, they didn’t go away, they kept sending attack emails because they want his seat. And they’ll continue to target him, apparently until they get it. So, in addition to the debt, and constituent services, he’s still got to worry about the DCCC lobbing attack emails, like there is still an election happening. That’s another challenge he’s dealing with.

Also, the VA hospital. With re-districting, the Veterans lost a fighter with Mica and Adams having to battle each other and Adams leaving office. I would really like to see Daniel Webster step in and really get the dog-gone VA hospital fixed. It’s been delayed too long. To see him “outfront” on that would be a terrific service to his constituents. For Florida Politics with Frank Torres, I’ll see you next time.

Webster's common sense approach is much needed in DC

Webster’s common sense approach is much needed in DC

WIR: Fiscal Cliff, Florida Freshman in Politico, Hurricane Sandy Votes

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This is your first “Week in Review” webcast of 2013. Today, we’re talking about Florida lawmakers and their votes on the fiscal cliff and Hurricane Sandy aid. We’ve also got some Florida Freshman lawmakers being featured in politico and we’ve already got 2014 Florida house battle for the heart of Seminole County.

All of this and more in your Week in Review.

Video Transcript:

Florida Politics with Frank Torres. The first Week in Review of 2013, Welcome Back, I hope you had plenty of time to spend with your loved ones. Let’s get right to it with the beginning of the week with the fiscal cliff. Vice-President Joe Biden cutting a deal with Senate minority leader Mitch McConnel. Biden moving in on New Year’s eve, cutting a deal that would let the bush era tax cuts expire on those making 450,000 or 400,000 (depending on your classification, it also put a two month delay on sequestration, the deal ultimately went through the Senate where Marco Rubio voted against it (Bill Nelson for it) then on to the House of Representative where every Florida Congressperson voted against it, except Corrine Brown, the lone Democrat in the region. Why was this bill so unpopular with Republicans, basically President Obama got everything he wanted. He was able to let the majority of the tax cuts expire on those making the most and he didn’t have to give up that much as far as cuts. We move on to the next fiscal showdown and once again it will be about debt ceiling. Will we see more cuts then? The President vowed to work the deficit from both ends, with revenue increases and tax cuts. We’ve got a new Congress, what does that mean for these talks? That’s what kicked off the week.

Speaking of a new congress. We had several new members of Congress heading to Washington, some old faces and some were highlighted by POLITICO. One of those faces, the one closest to home was Alan Grayson, he’s either your biggest anti-hero or villain depending on where you stand, he was highlighted by politico in that Freshman year book, labeled as one of the most cable friendly members. You know he’s no stranger to that, he was doing it during his entire time out of office after losing to Daniel Webster in 2010. The other two Congressman being featured in that piece was Ted Yoho, who pulled off that upset over Cliff Stearns on primary night. That pigs article got him noticed, let’s take a look at that ad now.


Yeah, so that ad worked very well not only during the election but with the national media as well. We’ll come back to him later he plays a role in one of the next topics we’ll be talking about. Also, you had Patrick Murphy from down south, the young Democrat was able to beat Allen West. West was the most televised Representative on cable tv in 2011, you wonder if he’ll do what Grayson did after being defeated and maintain a presence there. 3 lawmakers for one politico piece. Florida really making it’s mark in national politics.

Moving on to local politics, It was announced that Scott Plakon would take on Mike Clelland in a Florida House race in 2014. Of course, Plakon in that intense race against Karen Castor Dentel, Clelland beating Chris Dorworth who had that avalanche of negative media coverage, and Clelland was only barely able to beat him then. That’s how red the county was so, Plakon has the advantage in that match-up. He should win but a lot of space between now and 2014. So, Plakon jumping right back into things in a friendlier environment. After his loss last November. FDP already sent out an attack on Plakon in the form of an email blast, so we’ll see how that goes. It’s never too early to start declaring.

Moving back up to the congressional level. After the fiscal cliff was resolved attention then turned to Hurricane Sandy. Speaker of House John Boehner came under a lot of criticism from Republicans for delaying that vote. The vote ultimately did come forward and it did pass and every Representative in Florida voted in favor of sending that aid to the Northeast, thousands without homes, all of our representatives voting for it, except two. One of Ron Desantis from Volusia County and the other was Ted Yoho, the one just mentioned. Those two voting against it. Now there were claims of pork in the legislation, they were’nt the only two that said that but you would expect some more empathy from two lawmakers that hail from the hurricane capital of the world. There might be some strategy involved, this was going to pass with or without their votes. It was obvious, perhaps Desantis and Yoho were trying to establish themselves as fiscal hawks. The kind of lawmakers their constituents wanted them to be.

Very interesting week. We’re off to a fast start in 2013. We’ve got a lot happening. We’ve got that showdown over the debt ceiling in a couple of weeks, a lot going on at the county level. A lot of county level lawmakers taking office this week. 2013 is really going to be about the setting up 2014. The events and circumstances setting up the mid-term elections, so for Florida Politics with Frank Torres…

How did your lawmaker vote on the fiscal cliff?

How did your lawmaker vote on the fiscal cliff?

New Florida arrivals in Congress already in the Spotlight

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You might have been caught up in the fiscal cliff buzz in Washington over the last couple of days, but Thursday morning the new Congress was sworn in.

A lot of our regulars are back. Most of them were voting on the deal that made our fall from the cliff, a short one.

Still, some of our new arrivals were highlighted by Politico. We’re familiar with their names, they’ve been slugging it out to get elected for over a year. But, on the national scene, they’re all newbies (except one who spends more time on television than in his office). Let’s break down who the rest of the country was introduced to in this article.

Alan Grayson: The biggest villain/anti-hero (depending on which side your on) from the 10th district, was able to return to Washington this year after being defeated in 2010, by current House Rep Daniel Webster (who ironically, will be serving with him in the neighboring district). Grayson needs no introduction to the Central Florida electorate but for those who forgot about his “Die Quickly” quote, and nasty remarks about female lobbyists,will be quickly reminded. In a congress that was even more divided than the one he was voted out of, will the most violently partisan lawmaker in Washington be able to accomplish anything? BTW, he was in the “Most likely to be a cable favorite” category.

Patrick Murphy
: In the “just happy to be here cateory” we’ve got the youngster who knocked off another cable TV fave, Allen West, down south. Murphy followed the Colonel to a new drawn district and won by a microscopic margin. The Congressman is younger than I am, and will have to make an impression to make his stay in Washington, longer than his controversial predecessor. If he won by a recount with Obama on the ballot, re-election will be even more difficult with a mid-term turnout.

Ted Yoho: You guys might have forgotten about Yoho since primary night back in August. He knocked off long-time establishment favorite Cliff Stearns in an upset that made national headlines. The Tea Party favorite rides into the nation’s capitol, hours after a fiscal cliff deal that offered no real budget cuts. He found fame with this “Politicians in the mud” television ad.

Not Mentioned- Ron Desantis: With three entries from Florida, it’s understandable why POLITICO overlooked Desantis. The Navy Vet won a 6 person “Battle Royal” primary in the 6th district, out in Volusia and is getting a lot of positive buzz from his constituents. Yeah didn’t get the positive “pub” this time but, you’ll hear about the newly elected representative soon enough.

The Freshman Desantis will be representing Volusia during tough times in Washington

The Freshman Desantis will be representing Volusia during tough times in Washington

Majority of Central Florida Congressional Delegation Vote “No” on Fiscal Cliff Deal

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Last night, The House of Representatives passed the Senate Bill to avoid the “Fiscal Cliff”. The Cliff, as you might have heard by now, were the expiration of the Bush era tax cuts, massive defense cuts through sequestration, and several other cuts and tax hikes that would have had potentially devastating effects on the economy.

The deal reached allowed the tax cuts to expire on those making less than $400,000 to $450,000 (depending on classification), put a 2 month delay on sequestration, and held up other supports dealing with Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare), and green energy initiatives.

The majority of Central Florida Congressional delegation voted “No” on the deal.

Representatives Sandy Adams, John Mica, Bill Posey, Daniel Webster, and Rich Nugent out in Tampa turned down the compromise brokered by Vice-President Joe Biden and Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnel.

Corrine Brown, the lone Democrat House Rep in Central Florida voted “Yes”.

These results should be no surprise to most politicos in the region. Mica, Webster, and Nugent vote with House GOP most of the time. Adams, the Freshman House Rep, who is a lame duck after losing her intense primary to Mica, ended her term in Washington in line with the party. Many believe she would be the frontrunner, should Mica retire.

In an interesting twist, Rep. Paul Ryan, who was the GOP VP nominee last year, voted “Yes” on the measure. Ryan is a favorite of Daniel Webster’s and his nod in favor of the plan was largely unexpected.

Voting “Yes” on the deal, which the White House considers a victory, might have spawned Tea Party primary opposition for these lawmakers. This was on the minds of many GOP members of Congress as they voted.

On Monday night, Senator Bill Nelson voted “Yes”, while Senator Marco Rubio voted “No”, and was just one of 8 Senators (3 Dems also turned down the deal) that rejected the plan. In doing so, he might have scored some early points in the 2016 GOP Presidential primary, which he is an early favorite in. More on this here.

The bill now goes to President Obama for signature in a couple of days. He resumed his vacation in Hawaii after addressing the nation last night after the deal passed the house.

The majority of House Reps in the region voted no on the Fiscal Cliff deal

The majority of House Reps in the region voted no on the Fiscal Cliff deal