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Tuesday Morning Political Headlines: Explosions at Boston Marathon Finish Line

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Yesterday, the country was shocked by the tragic explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. 3 were killed and approximately 100 were seriously injured. President Obama promised that those responsible would be held accountable and feel the full weight of justice.

More facts will come forward today, as investigators from national and Massachusetts state and local agencies continue to bring the facts together and provide answers to the country.

Despite the tragedy, the Bi-partisan “Gang of 8” will release its immigration proposal today, with a presser delayed until tomorrow due to the tragic events.

Here are your Tuesday morning political headlines:

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: (VIDEO) Obama Vows to Hold Those Behind Boston Explosions Accountable

CF News 13: (AP) Rubio says immigration law not ‘amnesty’

WKMG Local 6: (AP) Florida House shoots down healthcare plan

WESH 2: (CNN) Bipartisan group of senators to file immigration reform on Tuesday

WOFL FOX 35: Gun background check deal in jeopardy in Senate

Orlando Sentinel: Beth Kassab- Much ado about parent trigger


Buddy Dyer made right choice Passing on Florida Governor Run

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Today, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer announced he would not run for Florida Governor in 2014. Much like he did with his re-election campaign last year, he used his State of the City Address to springboard into the announcement using the progress he’s made with the city over the previous year

Buddy Dyer not running for Governor

The rumors that he was considering a run started well over a year ago, before election year politics made 2014 seem like an eternity away. Throughout the year, the media observed his behavior to see if the signs were there. We watched how he interacted and campaigned with President Barack Obama in the important I4 corridor, we watched any unusual fundraising activity, when Dyer took verbal shots at current Governor Rick Scott, we tried to find a trend. There wasn’t one. Our interest returned when the Mayor of the City Beautiful, said he was still considering a run at the Democratic National Convention.

Today, he put an end to all speculation. The answer is no.

It was the right call. Buddy Dyer made the right decision passing on a run to be the next Governor of Florida. Why was it the right decision? Let’s break it down.

He was Invisible in early polling: He’s the Mayor of one of the most visited Cities on the planet, but he wasn’t registering in early polling against potential opponents in a Democratic primary. I say not registering which means his Name ID wasn’t even high enough to even make him relevant in the decision portion of the poll. He won re-election by a landslide here in Orlando but, he’s still widely unknown to casual voters across the state.

He’s Kinda Busy: Sunrail, DPAC, Citrus Bowl renovations, Creative Village, More condos downtown, and the paint hasn’t even dried on the Amway center yet. Now, he’s blessed the idea of a new soccer stadium (with weak numbers but that’s another post). These are all projects, he’s been “outfront” on and if he hits the campaign trail and leaves these behind, there’s no telling what direction they’d go.

Charlie Crist officially became a Democrat: When the former Republican Governor made it official by switching parties during the holidays, he essentially ended not only Dyer’s chances at a run, but many of the others taking a long look at challenging Rick Scott. Right now it’s Charlie and Alex Sink unless something changes.

It’s great to be the Mayor of Orlando: This is a pretty good job to have. This is a dynamic city with a lot of moving parts and a lot of room to grow. He’s been here for a decade and there are no serious political challengers on the horizon. He’s got the big city vision in his mind and a canvas with enough space to make it happen.

So, Buddy says no. I thought he would go the other way, until Crist switched parties. Now, with plenty of time until his next next re-election campaign, Dyer will continue push to make Orlando a major City that will influence the way the country moves.

Here is Mayor Dyer’s State of the City Address. The announcement comes at the 30:40 mark.

Experts forecast economic improvement Four analysts offer opinions on 2013 outlook

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I recently spoke to the Central Pinellas Chamber of Commerce and had a terrific time talking to the crowd in attendance about 2013.


“It’s going to continue to be a slow slog toward economic improvement,” said political analyst Frank Torres.


A great meeting with some brilliant economic minds

A great meeting with some brilliant economic minds

Sunday Morning Political Headlines: Winners take Victory Laps on Sunday TV

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Happy Sunday!

With just days before Thanksgiving, we’re still watching game film from the elections. We’ve got prominent Republicans taking the spotlight in major political battlegrounds rolling out a modified election message that push back at Mitt Romney’s comments that President Obama won the election because he gave gifts to his voter base in the form of Government programs.

On TV we’ve got local election winners taking their victory laps before the holidays reach us and everyone goes back to work in January.

These are your Sunday morning political headlines:

CF News 13: Political Connections on CF News 13 at 11am and 8pm

WKMG Local 6: VIDEO- Local Election Winners

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: AP- Top Republicans say Romney didn’t offer specifics

WESH 2: CNN Rubio brushes off 2016 in Iowa visit

WOFL FOX 35: AP- Republicans: GOP needs to get with the times

Orlando Sentinel:Election boosts chances for an immigration overhaul

Romney alone on gifts comment as GOP resets after election

Wednesday Morning Poltical Headlines: Recounts, Texts, and a General Mess

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A lot going as we reach the middle of the week. Let’s break it down!

The Orange County Commission is talking about reforming their electronic communication policies. The Sentinel reports, this includes everything from jamming devices to a complete blackout during the day of the meetings.

The commission should do themselves a favor and ban these devices. Let’s not pretend this is just about transparency in government. This is a partisan fight and people want to take their jobs. Here is proof of that.

Speaking of the commission. They’ll be joined by a new commissioner from District 3 next year. Pete Clarke won his re-count yesterday over Lui Damiani. You can read my summary here.

Also, the mess with General Patraeus is only getting worse.

These stories lead your Wednesday morning political headlines.

Orlando Sentinel: Orange leaders ponder texting ban during meetings

WKMG Local 6: (Video) Pete Clarke declared winner over Lui Damiani in Orange County District 3 race

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: Clarke beats Damiani to take Orange County Commission seat

CF News 13: Pete Clarke wins Orange Co. Commission District 3 seat

WOFL FOX 35: Gov. Rick Scott drops opposition to ‘Obamacare’

WESH 2: (CNN) Scandal focuses on ‘flirtatious’ e-mails

The Commission should leave the phones in their office.

Sunday Morning Political Headlines: Election Reviews on Sunday TV

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It’s been a great couple of days away from the world of politics, since the elections last week.

Still a lot going on. We’ve got the Dorworth/Clelland recount today in the Florida State House 29 race. Down south, Allen West and Patrick Murphy will be counting it out to determine who goes to Washington from that contest.

Here at home, it’s Sunday political television.

I’ve got my gig on Political Connections. We’ll be breaking down the races from last week and taking a look at the future. We’ve also got some other great stuff from the News Orgs in town.

Later today, It’s Your Week in Review. It’s going to be a longer show to handle everything that went down on election night.

Here are you’re Sunday Morning Political Headlines:

CF News 13: Political Connections at 11am and 8 pm on Central Florida News 13

WKMG Local 6: Video- Flashpoint Election Review

WESH 2: Close District 29 House race headed for recount

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: Obama wins Fla., topping Romney in final tally

WOFL FOX 35: Gov. Scott wants school supply debit cards

Orlando Sentinel: Beth Kassab- Orange’s political pendulum stops swinging

Sunday TV will revolve around the President’s discussion

Wednesday Morning Political Headlines: President Obama wins Re-election

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It’s the morning after and everyone is exhausted.

President Barack Obama won re-election last night over former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. The President won almost all of the swing states to capture 270 and Romney conceded around 1230am.

President Obama faces an immediate challenge in Washington in the form of the fiscal cliff or sequestration. These were the severe cuts put in place by the budget super committee last year. Bi-partisan to resolve that problem is a must.

This story sweeps your Wednesday Morning Political Headlines

CF News 13: Pres. Obama wins second term as Florida remains undecided

WESH 2: (CNN) Obama: ‘Best is yet to come’

WKMG Local 6: Historic marriage, marijuana votes pass

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: Obama re-elected despite tough economic times; Fla. tallying absentee ballots in 9 counties

WOFL FOX 35: Barack Obama wins re-election, Romney concedes

Orlando Sentinel: Obama re-elected; Florida still too close to call

President Obama defeated Mitt Romney last night to win re-election

Election Day in Orlando: Your Election Day Headlines

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Get out and VOTE. Here are some final words from me before you head to the polls! I’ll see you tonight on CF News 13.

CF News 13:

Election Day 101: What you need to know before you vote

Hour by hour: What to watch for on Election Night

Campaign gets voters to ‘video the vote’

WKMG Local 6:

Polls open in Central Florida

Voters return absentee ballots to avoid Election Day lines

Polls open on Election Day

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News:

Candidates continue to campaign as voters hit the polls

Vote 2012


Campaigns make final push for Central Fla. votes

Election day voting mistakes to avoid

Hour-by-hour Election Day rain timeline


Election day deals: Retailers offer freebies, discounts

For Romney, Obama, Long Slog to Nail-Biter Finish

Orlando Sentinel:

Obama, Romney race through battleground states in last plea for votes

Long lines, drizzle greet Central Florida voters

Go Vote!

Monday Morning Political Headlines: Election Eve, Romney, FLOTUS in town

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Here we are. Election eve!

We’re heading down to the wire as the rest of the country heads to the polls tomorrow. There is no rest for the campaigns today. As I type this, GOP nominee Mitt Romney is in Sanford, doing one last fly in before Tuesday, and First Lady Michelle Obama

Recent polling shows a dead heat between Romney and President Barack Obama. Early voting turnout has been strong and everyone is in the zone.

These visits sweep your Monday morning Political headlines.

It’s going to be a wild Tuesday night in the I4 corridor.

WESH 2: (Video) Mitt Romney visiting Sanford today

WKMG Local 6: (Video) Mitt Romney, Michelle Obama visit Central Florida

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: (Video) Romney begins final full day of campaigning in Sanford

CF News 13: Obama, Romney focus on Florida on eve of election

WOFL FOX 35: Mitt Romney, Michelle Obama both in Orlando area today

Orlando Sentinel: Romney, Michelle Obama plan rallies in Central Florida Monday

Mitt Romney and the First Lady will both be in Orlando today

Sunday Morning Political Headlines: Early Voting Ends and Prediction Sunday on TV

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48 hrs. Can you dig it?

It’s prediction Sunday, where all of the talking heads will tell you how they think the vote is going to go down.

We’ve got a great panel discussion with both leaders of the Democratic and Republic County parties talking about the Tuesday.

You’ll also have me running down all of the races with my predictions on political connections.

Early voting is also over and you had party VIPs running around Central Florida talking to voters and chipping in on GOTV. There was even a last push by the Florida Democratic Party to have the early voting period extended.

Either way, there was a record turnout for early voting. We’ll see how that plays out on Election night.

These stories lead your Sunday morning political headlines. 2 days left! Getting a little nervous?

CF News 13: Political Connections on at 130pm and 730pm on CF News 13

WKMG Local 6: (Video) Flashpoint Election Tuesday Discussion.

WESH 2: Early voting ends in Central Fla.

WFTV 9 Eyewitness News: Sen. Nelson pens letter to Gov. Scott to extend early voting

WOFL FOX 35: (AP) Puerto Ricans are key in Florida presidential vote

Orlando Sentinel: Central Florida’s early voting strong despite bomb scare