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Rubio pushes Immigration deal on every Sunday Morning Talker, Scott signs Internet Cafe Ban, Orange Commission greenlights Universal Bridge – WIR

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It’s your Week in Review and the big news was Florida Senator Marco Rubio‘s media blitz this morning on all of the Sunday talk Shows. He was on Meet the Press, Face the Nation, This Week, State of the Union, Fox News Sunday, and Al Punto.

His main message was aimed at fellow Conservatives. That message? This is not amenesty and will be the toughest immigration laws we’ve seen.

He also talked gun control and plans for 2016. An effective slew of appearances for Rubio, who many believe is the future of the party.

We’ve also got Rick Scott and Tim Tebow and the Orange County Commission gives Universal Studios their pedestrian bridge.

This is your Week in Review

Video Transcript:

Florida Politics with Frank Torres. This is your Week in Review. Now normally, we start from the beginning of the week and move forward to Sunday but this week we’re doing it in reverse. That is because the big new took place this morning. I’m talking about Florida Senator Marco Rubio making his big immigration media blitz, hitting every Sunday morning talker discussing the agreement on sweeping immigration reform from the bi-partisan “Gang of Eight”. Rubio appeared on Meet the Press, Face the Nation, This Week, State of the Union,…Am I missing any? Fox News Sunday and Al Punto on Univision. Rubio’s big message was that this was not amnesty. This talking point was to try to calm some of the more Conservative opinion leaders that any path to citizenship that did not require the undocument or illegal immigrant to return to his country was amnesty.

Immigration wasn’t the only issue Rubio discussed. He was asked several times about Gun Control and the push behind the legislature for mandatory background checks. This was complicated, several of the moderators stretched back to Rubio’s time in the Florida House when he supported background checks. Rubio had to differentiate the two circumstances before moving on. He stressed that Violence was the problem, not the procedure so many Americans go through to purchase firearms.

He was also asked several times about 2016. Rubio deflected by saying that he was in Washinton to solve problems and that’s where his head was. This was similar to what he did last year when he was getting the same kind of questions.

All in all a good round of appearances for the junior Senator from Florida. Not as strong as former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who did the same a few weeks back but, Rubio was talking about gun control and specific immigration points. Bush was promoting a book and the only obstacle he had was his changing mindsets on the path to citizenship.

One problem Rubio had was the lighting at his location. His people need to learn how to handle the lighting. It looked at times like Rubio was melting and was about 3 shades redder than he had to be. He literally was in the hot seat. For a second, I thought we were going to get a repeat of the State of the Union Republican response.

We move on to Florida Governor Rick Scott. Scott quietly signed the bill banning internet cafes this week. Those are illegal, although some are being defiant and staying open until being asked to close. This could have been a bright photo op for the Governor. He could has sent a message by saying he wasn’t going to tolerate companies like this one stealing millions from veterans. He could have had the department of law enforcement, maybe AG Pam Bondi, but instead he chose to sign the bill without any cameras present. This could be because of the connections of former Florida Lieutenant Governor Jeniffer Carroll had with one of the companies that forced her to resign.

Also earlier this week. The Orange County Commission approved the Universal Studios pedestrian bridge that would link the park to one of it’s resorts. This bridge will be payed for entirely with tax payer dollars. The “Yes” votes were Scott Boyd, Fred Brummer, Tiffany Moore-Russell, and Jennifer Thompson. All of those commissioners except Thompson are termed out. The “No’s” were Mayor Teresa Jacobs, Ted Edwards, and Pete Clarke. Those commissioners questioned why they couldn’t split the tab of 9 million dollars with the park that will seen increased profits. Advocates for the bridge will argue that, the more successful the park is, the stronger the profits will be for the surrounding smaller businesses.

Finally, we return to Governor Scott. Scott appeared with Tim Tebow this weekend. It benefits Scott greatly to stand next to a guy like Tebow. As popular as Tebow is, that’s how unpopular Rick Scott is. It certainly doesn’t hurt. Right now Scott at odds with the legislature, this delay additional dents his reputation might have to endure.

That’s your Week in Review, I’ll see you next time.

Rubio hits all the Sunday Talkers, Geraldine Thompson slammed for siding with GOP on Anti-Shariah Law vote

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If you’re a fan of Senator Marco Rubio (and if you’re Republican in Florida, you probably are) then you’re going to go into GOP/Rap dialogue overload.

Rubio will hit Meet the Press, Face the Nation, This Week, Fox News Sunday, State of the Union, Al Punto on Univision, and the program on Telemundo, to talk of a possible deal in Immigration with the Bi-partisan gang of 8 next week.

Earlier this week, Rubio had dinner at the White House with President Obama, and other GOP Senators, while it was a mostly cordial affair with very little negotiating involved, it could be a sign of progress in one of the biggest issues of the year.

You can expect a lot of what you’ve already heard from Rubio tomorrow with a slightly more optimistic tone concerning a sweeping plan for reform involving one of the biggest issues of the year.

You can also expect Rubio to be fielding questions about his Presidential aspirations for 2016 on every program. The big topic last Sunday was Hilary Clinton slowly wading into campaigning for a possible run.

Earlier this week, in a story that broke just after I taped the FPFT, it was discovered that State Senator Geraldine Thompson might have been involved in some shady deal making in Tallahassee. Thompson voted “Yes” for a law that prevents international law, like Shariah law from invading the state’s court system.

The bill was sponsored by fellow State Senator Alan Hays. Hays made some nasty comments about Hispanic voters a while back, that got him in trouble with everyone including his fellow Republicans. This legislation is continuing that bizarre behavior against international interests.

In committee, Thompson was the tie-breaker and kept the bill alive. It was discovered a short time later that a $150,000 earmark was inserted into the budget for her district. You can read details in the Orlando Sentinel blog post.

The whole political scenario feels like a set-up but there is one “out” for Thompson.

This isn’t the first time she’s voted against a bill like this one.

On the campaign trail and during an interview with the Sentinel Op-Ed board, Thompson mentioned that she filed legislation to prevent mutilation of young women, like the brutal behavior you see in certain regions of Africa. It’s even on her website.

So, there is history between her and this kind of legislation and she should have brought that up.

Still, very odd behavior from a Senator who is normally one of the more sensible lawmakers in the area.

Rubio will be on every Sunday political talk show tomorrow

Rubio will be on every Sunday political talk show tomorrow

Jeb Leaves Door Open for 2016 Prez Run During Sunday Talker Gauntlet

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The former Governor of Florida was everywhere yesterday morning.

Jeb Bush accomplished a rare “Full Ginsburg” by appearing on all five major Sunday Political Talk Shows. He did hits with “Meet the Press” (where he compared the media to Crack/Heroine addicts), Face the Nation, This Week, Fox News Sunday, and State of the Union. He was in the “B Block” for most of them promoting his new book “Immigration Wars: Forging an American Solution”.

Here’s what we learned from that sprint of interviews.

He’s softer on Immigration than what’s written in the book: He’s hearing a lot of static on his changing views, from what he believes now and what’s actually on paper in his book. The book says the undocumented should return home to apply for citizenship, now he says he’s more in favor of what is being thrown around Washington these days. That would be a pathway to citizenship that allows them to remain in the country during the application process.

He’s not backing down or apologizing for Big Brother or the “Bush Brand”: Jeb had to field a lot of questions over his brother’s legacy, throughout the morning. In every interview he was asked about former President George W. and the answer was the same all of the time. “History will be kind to my brother”.

He doesn’t want to hear about disagreements or conflict with Marco Rubio: The bait was thrown out there a few times that would have opened up a discussion over Bush’s disagreements or a even a potential showdown with the GOP rising star. We knew that “Friendly Fire” was going to be a possibility when both of these two are in the spotlight, but Bush didn’t fall for it.

He’s still thinking about a run in 2016: True, this was a book promotion blitz but this is really about staying in front of the voters, while all the other Presidential hopefuls are slugging it out over economic policy, in this perpetual political stalemate. He said this wasn’t a “political re-entry” but the buzz is that he’s still weighing his options. It’s too early to really decide but this kind of tactic keeps his options open, and the pundits speculating.

All in all, a successful Sunday morning for the former Governor.

Jeb hit all of the Sunday talkers to promote his book yesterday morning

Jeb hit all of the Sunday talkers to promote his book yesterday morning

Eric Cantor endorses Mitt Romney on Meet the Press

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House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) endorsed Mitt Romney this morning on Meet the Press (video here).

Cantor said on the program, that Romney was the only candidate that set a solid plan for creating jobs. This endorsement comes off of Romney’s win last night in the Washington primary and gives him the momentum moving forward to Super Tuesday, where Cantor’s home state of Virginia is in play.

Cantor joined Team Romney on Sunday morning