Frank Torres, Orlando Freelance Reporter

The Awwwww Snap Meter!!!

Provoking The Political Argument in the Central Florida:

Don’t you love a great attack ad?

No? Well, take a read anyways. has developed The Awwwww Snap Meter!!! to gauge the effectiveness of these ads which, are becoming more and more like Hollywood Productions everyday. The attack ad will be posted and then given a rating and a short explanation. Here is a breakdown of the ratings.

1 Chihuahua out of 5: Lame

Lame ads are just that....lame. A sad attempt by a candidate to attack their rivals that's ineffective and neither inspiring or funny. You would like to have that time back but it's gone forever.

2 Chihuahuas out of 5: Forgettable:

Forgettable ads are just that. There might be a decent point brought up but, you'll forget about it in a couple of days.

3 Chihuahuas out of 5:Oh’ Snap

Oh' Snap! The ad gets a good point across and will be taken seriously by any potential voters watching it. Will it change their mind? Maybe

4 out of 5 Chihuahuas: Oh, No They Didn’t!

The ad is very effective and will require a reply from the opponent. It has the potential to change minds and shift momentum in the race.

5 out of 5 Chihuahuas: BOOM!:

A perfect attack ad. It's funny or thought provoking. It being brought up at the water cooler and the ad itself is getting media attention. A gamechanger that voters will be talking about on election day.

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